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    Yes, there are recipes for sandwiches! Great combinations like egg, chicken, cucumber and cheese. Also there’s finger sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and panini.

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    2 reviews

    This easy and tasty ham and Swiss sammy has ham, tomato, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard in toasted bread. Makes a great lunch alone or with soup and salad.

    Recipe by: kmy

    2522 reviews

    Mouth-watering, pork cooked in a slow cooker and served with barbecue sauce. An American favourite, serve on floury soft rolls with coleslaw and potato crisps.

    Recipe by: KMB233

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    This is a gourmet steak sandwich you can easily make at home with goat’s cheese, spinach and Hickory BBQ sauce which adds a burst of flavour. Serve with homemade sweet potato chips.

    Recipe by: Fountain Sauces

    2 reviews

    The best PB&J sandwich the world has ever seen!

    Recipe by: FreshandLegit

    1 review

    I had bagels to use up and other fresh ingredients so one day I made this for my lunch. The basil brings out so much flavour and the tomatoes add in that freshness along with the creaminess of the avocado. So simple.

    Recipe by: littlebaker

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